The concept of Smart Agriculture assumes the use of modern information and communication technologies, Internet and other digital instruments in the field of farming and agriculture with the purpose of increasing productivity and financial income through automation and data analysis.

Various types of sensors, drones, meteorological equipment, global positioning systems, low-power radio networks, data processing cloud platforms and specialized software applications

are used in Smart Agriculture solutions and provide substation productivity and revenue growth.

Nexy Tech’s is the goal is to support farming industry and cooperative associations in Georgia by increasing quality and quantity of produced products, improving operating efficiency and generating more revenue. In order to achieve these objectives, Nexy Tech offers its clients solutions and services based on the Internet, artificial intelligence and advanced modern technologies. We are not only making available various affordable sensor devices and real-time monitoring systems but also help clients to adopt precise and intelligent agriculture practices that are based on these technologies.

Below is the list of some popular solutions that are successfully used by many farmers and agronomists around the world. At the same time, Nexy Tech’s portfolio is not limited just to these systems, rather it provides opportunities to solve much larger challenges. Our specialists are ready to discuss your objectives and together with you choose technologies and services that better fit your requirements.