Telemedicine is a process of delivering medical services remotely by using modern computer technologies. It enables doctors to consult patients from a long distance: make examination, analysis and diagnostics. Our partner company, GlobalMed – designs, manufactures, and deploys fully integrated virtual care software and hardware solutions that remove the barriers of technology from the business of patient care.

Telehealth Stations

Standard Telemedicine Cart
Clinical Access Station
Transportable Exam Station
Transportable Backpack

Integrated Medical Devices

Digital Stethoscope
Examination Cameras
High Definition Ophthalmoscope
12-Lead ECG system

Telehealth Software Platform

Telehealth Software offers secure diagnostic and clinical workflow capabilities combined with interoperable services that work with existing platforms including scheduling, video consultations, data integration, and our unique, time and cost-saving dynamic integration management services.

If you need options for virtual care delivery on-the-go, our mobile solutions can integrate with our devices and software so you have a complete virtual health platform by your side anytime, anywhere.

  • Specialized Auscultation

  • Spirometric Interpretation

  • Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging

  • Electrocardiogram Interpretation

  • Manual and Automated Vitals Entry

  • Diagnostic Image Capture

  • Image Measurement

  • Multi-Way Video Conferencing

  • Synchronous Diagnostic Data Transfer

  • Offline Connectivity

  • Image Annotations

  • Remote Camera Control

  • Visit Scheduling & Summaries

  • PACS Query and Upload

  • Video Recordings

  • Scheduling API

  • Enhanced Security

  • Dynamic Data Integration (DIMS)

Our Services

Telemedicine System Design
Installation, Configuration and Implementation
Technical and Operational Support